Simson Lugers

The Weimar Years

Undated S toggle 1302a, circa 1934

S toggles

The S toggle is commonly called the S Code, although the code aspect in this authors opinion is not valid; as they were making S toggle and Simson & Co toggles simultaneously during production.  We feel that the S toggle was most likely sold to police and german officers, rather than as a ‘hiding’ measure as many other people feel.


NOTE: Since writing the book, we have felt that a ’code’ maybe be as correct as anything else.  The reasoning of why its an ’S” is hard to say.  S for private sales to gov’t, police or others that were official?   Or is it something else?  We can say with certainty that the data collected shows S toggles interspersed in-between and along with Simson and Co toggles. 


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Examples of S toggles

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